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Ace Success Pte Ltd aim to be the one-stop service provider for all your corporate needs in Singapore. We adopt a straight forward approach to cater to your business needs. We will spare no time and effort in communicating to understand your current back-end business process and work towards achieving the best suited solutions.

Our credibility and ethical conduct have gained the trust from all our clients and friends. A very sincere firm that focus on assisting companies to reach greater heights by reducing their time spent on unproductive back-end business process. From incorporation of company, annual compliance filing and Accounting & tax services we are the right man for the job.

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Top 5 FAQ


Qns: Do I need to do a Financial Statement for my company?

Ans: Yes. The Financial Statement is required to be presented to the shareholders during annual general meeting. It will provide information to the user on the company’s financial position and Income statement. Most company use the financial statement to do forecasting, strategic planning or budgeting. It is also required when applying for bank loans etc…


Qns: How do I determine if my company is dormant?

Ans: A company is deem as dormant when there is no business transactions in the full financial period. Any penalty or bank charges incurred will not affect the company’s status as dormant. Dormant company will need to file Annual Return to ACRA annually and file a waiver of Form C to IRAS ( 1 time).


Qns: If the sole director of the company is disqualified or bankrupt, what should I do?

Ans: Even if you are the sole/last director of the company, you are still required to notify ACRA of your disqualification. After your disqualification is filed, there will be no directors left in the company. The shareholders must then appoint a new director should the company intend to carry on with the business. If the shareholders do not have any intention to carry on with the business, they may consider applying to the Registrar (through the secretary or a professional firm) to strike off the name of the company.


Qns: Can a foreigner be a director of a company in Singapore?

Ans: To form a company in Singapore, there must be at least one director who is an ordinarily resident in Singapore. Being “ordinarily resident in Singapore” means the director’s usual place of residence is in Singapore. A Singapore Citizen, Singapore Permanent Resident or an EntrePass holder can be accepted as a person who is ordinarily resident here.


Qns: Can I appoint my friend/spouse/family members as the company secretary instead?

Ans: Yes. The director can appoint any individual as the company secretary if the director is confident that the individual has the capabilities in fulfilling the duties. The Company Secretary need to have the knowledge on filing Annual Return, prepare board resolutions, maintain the company register and advise the directors on the companies act etc…


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