1.     Cost

Usually costs are what business owners are most concerned about. To allow the company to be more profitable, companies would always look into cutting costs and reducing unnecessary expenses. The cost of hiring an in-house accountant would range from $2200/month onwards. Besides that, the company may be required to provide employee’s benefits, such as medical claims benefits and year-end bonus, etc. Adding all these up, the cost of hiring an in-house accountant can be quite costly. 

So, what are the costs for outsourcing the accounting services to an accounting firm? 

It could be from as low as $100 a month onwards. The accounting fee will usually be charged based on the volume of transactions or based on the annual revenue. There is no need to worry about paying additional bonus or giving employee benefits.


2.     Work Efficiency 

The work efficiency of an in-house accountant can be seen much better as compared to an out-sourced accounting service because the in-house accountant is readily available in the office. However, what if your in-house accountant need to take leaves for a vacation, or goes for her maternity leave for 3-4 months? In this case, there will be a shortage of manpower to handle your accounting functions. 

By outsourcing your accounting services, you no longer have to worry about shortage of manpower issue on doing your accounts regularly. All our accountants work 5 days a week and are capable of getting your accounts up to date with the given information. There will be more than 1 accountant handling your accounts. Even if one accountant is on leave, another accountant can readily take over and carry on from there.


3.     Hiring process 

Recruitment can be very challenging at times. There are different expectations a company will look for in the candidates. Some concerns are: Are they experienced in the job? Do they know how to use the software? Can they work well along with their co-workers? If you want to avoid employer and employee issue, you can think of outsourcing the accounting services to us. You will just have to interact with 1 accounts manager who will always resolve your accounting matters on time. Our account manager is a Certified Accountant who is experienced in all the industries.

As such, by outsourcing your accounting matters to an external accounting firm, you are actually saving more money and gaining more time to focus on other important matters.  We provide regular book-keeping services at an affordable price, which is very suitable for new start-up company or small set up businesses.


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