Among 105 global cities, Singapore has received the highest score of (75.8) in a recent research to determine the resilient in facing technology disruption brought by Artificial intelligence. The technology allows machine to study the vast data that is expected to bring convenience and economic benefits. As a result, unemployment rate will be increase due to jobs being replaced by AI and the risk in exposing personal data.

The research was done to find out which global cities are prepared for this disrupted future. On Thursday (26 Sept), New York based research outfit Oliver Wyman Forum’s Inaugural Global Cities AI Disruption Index, has release the scored across 4 board categories: Vision, activation, ability, asset base and growth trajectory.

The study showed that Asian cities are displaying the greatest momentum in preparing for both the opportunities and the negative ramifications of AI.

Singapore did well in both vision and asset-based categories. It assessed the presence of plans to quickly response to disruption caused by technology, improving labour skills to adapt and its infrastructure like mobile networks.

The recognition would go some ways to boosting Singapore’s model for an AI-driven smart city. In January, the government had released an AI model governance framework to guide the use of AI in the private sector. The government already has several developments such as, AI governance framework to address ethical dilemma, data protection law and cyber security strategies to safeguard the interest in the digital economy.

Singapore was placed ahead of other global cities such as London (second), New York (third), San Francisco (fourth) and Paris (fifth). Among cities in Asia-Pacific, only Sydney in 10th was in the top 10 spots.

Date: 26 September 2019

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