Over the years, accounting like many other services has undergone a complete change with the advent of technology. In recent times, technology has further evolved from traditional excel based accounting models and traditional accounting software to state of the art, contemporary cloud accounting software.  Adopting the latest technology allows real time data and analysis available at your fingertips accessible via numerous devices. Cloud based accounting does give entities the option to integrate with other work processes such as Invoicing, Inventory Management, HR & Payroll, allowing for automation of several tasks such payment reminders.

What is Cloud Accounting?

Cloud accounting software is an online accounting system that is accessible through your internet browser.  You can access the software via different platforms such as your mobile phone, Tablets, and laptops. As it is connected by the internet connection, all the data is store securely in a remote server. Any users that is given access can log into the system. Multiple and differentiated user access can be created very easily. 

Problems with traditional accounting software

  • Usually the data in the system is not up-to-date. Lack of real time data. 
  • Only one person can access the system. No multi-user collaboration possible. 
  • Access is system based and often restricted to one computer.
  • Require technical knowledge to set up and back up the system. Risk of data loss
  • Maintenance fees and support is costly.
  • File transfer is insecure.

What are the benefits of using Cloud accounting software?

  • View real time data of the company financial information at anytime and anywhere
  • No need for any software installation
  • Enable multi-user to access at the same time.
  • Data is backed up automatically
  • Issue invoice anywhere and anytime
  • No IT knowledge is required
  • Software Updates automatically and you use the latest technology always. 
  • Several tasks can be automated. 

Why we choose Xero?

Xero online accounting software is designed to make accounting process easier. It caters to different needs for individual company. With their competitive subscription pricing, the cost is set in a way to defray start-up cost for budding entrepreneur and Small Businesses. 

Xero also allow integration with hundreds of business apps to streamline your business process. There will always be an apps to fill the gap of your process. 

And did we even mention that we are a Xero Certified Advisor?  We are ready to educate you with the aim of preparing your company to be future ready. Rest assured that we will assist you to transit from your current accounting process to Xero. By taking away all the complicated stuffs, you can now focus on growing your business.

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We adopt a straightforward approach to cater to your business needs. We are dedicated to understanding your current back-end business process and strive towards achieving the best suited solutions.  Get in touch with us to know more about our services.