Robert Kiyosaki – 60 Minutes To Getting Rich


I came across this video recently, in which the speaker is Robert Kiyosaki (Famous Author – Rich Dad Poor Dad).

The aim of sharing this video with everyone here is to present another perspective on how you comprehend money.

In life, we have been taught that money is everything, and that you would not be able to survive in this world without money. But this video has shown me another side of what we call rich, which is wealth.

Person A can be earning $10, 000 per month, but his liability and expenses are $9, 000.

Person B can be earning $5, 000 but his liability and expenses are only $2, 000.

In this comparison, Person A is Richer than Person B.

But from an accounting viewpoint, Person B is wealthier than Person A because the assets that Person B has is greater than Person A.

Take some time to view this video. I would say some might not agree with this but still it is something to think about it.

And the way to becoming wealthier is dependent on how you live your life.


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